Browser fingerprint

Do you know that it is VERY VERY difficult to hide your internet activity from "smart" servers? If they do well, web-servers can detect (or at least guess) your return visit, despite you have cleared borwser's cookies and anonymized with proxy. According to Electronic Frontier Foundation browsers have "digital fingerprints", the vast combination of many parameters available to servers over HTTP, javascript, browsers plugins (Flash, Java and etc.), network settings (IP, DNS). As for now EFF has counted 219 (more than 524000) combinations of browser settings — little possibility to have another visitor with the same "fingerprint". You are under a sight!

Test yourself on EFF's Panopticlick. They surprised even me! I didn't expect possibility to detect:

  • system fonts
  • DNS server i use
  • the same Flash cookie in all my browsers

With a little help of sociology, web statistic and CSS web-history exploit servers can guess your gender and age. Hasta la vista, anonymity!

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