Geolocating Google News

Suppose you want to get news depending on their location — the only tool i have found is (no surprise) Google News! It has almost unkown functionality of locating news articles, not perfect one, but IMHO quite sufficient. The Google's geo search parameter seems to work in US only.

Va bene! Monkey see, monkey do: to get news from Rome and Lazio region (Italy) use this RSS URL: The "OR" parameter has reason here, because some sources are possibly marked as originating from Lazio (Rome itself is in Lazio region) but concern to Rome also.

Google.News request parameters:

query string,location — subparameter to define news location. In the example above i defined that i search news from either Rome OR Lazio. NB! Substitute white spaces and hyphens in geographical names with underline "_": Addis Abbaba → Addis_Ababa. This is the hack! The feature is not documented by Google. Уou can use national geographical names in your requests Odessa OR Одесса OR Одеса OR Одесская область: the second usefulness of "OR" operation — news source location is marked either in english or national language, you'd better search for both.
national "news edition". See Googel News France
means "human language" i presume. Forces to set news language in spite of ned parameter. News from Paris in ITALIAN language for english edition
News sorting order. Seems to be useful only when searching with keywords. as_scoring=n sort by date, as_scoring=n sort by relevance. Sorted by date News from Paris in italian

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